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Around 90% of water leaks are not visible as they happen in buried pipelines. With our technology, ultrasounds, image, georadar, thermography, gas, etc., we can detect them reducing the cost and the environmental impact.


Experience over 30 years of our team to support us:
• Design of sectorization of a distribution network, in accordance with criteria like: population density, location of hospitals, areas with old pipes, etc..
• Conducting periodical monitorings.
• Data and historicizing for future analysis.
• Definition of criteria to create subsectors.
• Study of minimum night flow.
• Determination of installing flow meters , pressure meters, control valves, etc..



Leak detection in buried pipelines of different material (steel, fibre-cement, PVC, PE) using different techniques (ultrasounds, image, georadar, thermography, gas, etc.).

Pipeline network remote control and monitoring (meters, pressures, etc.).

GPS location and positioning on buried pipeline and cable plan.

Clandestine connection detection.

Verification of drainages.