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Automatic recalculation with VisualCEMS

There are a lot of circumstances that need to recalculate the data and not all the programmes can do it. In fact it is a difficult operation if you need to fulfill all the time the air permit. Recalculation has a lot of advantages, as for example:

– We can implement the software whenever, since you can add data even prior to implementation

– While recalculating, you are still sending data to the government

– It allows you to set new alarms, change conditions, QAL2, ELV (Emission Limit Value),… without worries.

– Did you leave the calibration switch on during the weekend and the unavailability has run out? You can now recalculate as many times as you want.

Few softwares have this flexibility. You need a specific tool to fulfill all the different environmental realities. We all know that a scada or DCS allows you to programme a lot of scenaries, but neither do they  allow you to recalculate nor have they the flexibility of VisualCEMS.